What is Magento?

Get to grips with the most loved E-commerce platform… Magento!

Mangeto is something all you digital marketers will have heard of (well should of!), because after all it powers over 250,000 transnational websites worldwide. These websites include big brands that you will have used at some time or another; Nike, Samsung, Ford, Levono, Christian Louboutin and many more. If you’re not aware of the beloved Magento then I would keep reading…




What is this Magento?

Basically, Magento is a powerful E-commerce platform that makes our lives easier, it is designed to be utilized as an application by someone who isn’t a developer. Because we aren’t all developers! It is built on an open source (with software coding that anyone can change, alter and enhance) and offers us many useful and beneficial tools.


Why use it?


No company is the same, you can say the same thing for us – no human is the same. Arguably, there are many companies that sell the same products online, but it’s rare that they will have exactly the same needs. This is where Magento comes in; an ideal E-commerce platform should be flexible to cater all needs. Magento is just that, featuring a framework system that offers you the freedom to change completely according to your own needs.





The aim of business is always to grow; increase customer base, traffic and sales. Whilst not every system grows smoothly when your business grows, Magento does this fantastically. You can start with a single server and expand as you need; Magento is built to scale and is one hell of a brilliant platform.





If SEO is a big deal to your company, then so should Magento. The E-commerce platform is a helping hand when it comes to SEO, preloaded with Meta tags and descriptions, URL rewrite, site maps etc. You can even upgrade to free and paid extensions if you desire more SEO benefits.





Magento is certainly a winner when it comes to page reload speed. Just think, delays in processing time can disrupt the potential converting site visitors to customers… You don’t want a website with a poor page load speed because in the world today, we want things quick and easy, we ain’t got time to wait! Don’t let competition steal your customers with better page reload speed… have it yourself!

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