Why use blogger outreach?

Find out why your company should be using blogger outreach…

It’s difficult to spread brand awareness on your own, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do on social media to shout about how fantastic you are. Why not take a new approach and involve some people (yes the bloggers!) who will have a big influence.

What is blogger outreach?

Before we start going off about how great blogger outreach can be, let’s discover the question that’s probably sitting in your mind… What the hell is it?! Basically, blogger outreach is working with bloggers to create genuine and trustworthy content to promote products and your brand/s.

“Instead of sharing your content on social media (and hoping an influencer notices it), you put your content directly in front of the movers and shakers in your niche.” Brian Dean, 2016


blogger outreach #DSMMCM1617
There are dozens of ways to partner with bloggers to reach your goals, however Blossoming Gifts use a certain method that works really well. This brand reaches out to bloggers who they think are the best influencers. For example, if your company sells flowers, gifts, tech, hampers or even bath products, it makes more sense to contact those bloggers who are interested in your offerings. Making sense? Once the most suitable bloggers are found, they begin to contact them, offering a free bouquet of their choice to review – Now continue to read on carefully, because this is where the benefits arrive.

So why use blogger outreach, what benefits can it give my brand?




blogger influences #DSMMCM1617
Bloggers can manipulate audiences so easily, they’re seen as ‘role models’ and people are inspired by them. C’mon look at Zoella, a really influential blogger whose beauty range broke sales record in 2015!!! Of course it’s going to be difficult to get someone as big as Zoella to shout about you, but there’s literally millions of bloggers (181 million to be precise) out there who can make a significant positive impact to your brand.

Technorati reports; “Influencers are mostly bloggers, as 86% of influencers have blogs and 88% of influencers say they blog for themselves.”



Bloggers are a great help for attracting new customers. Before purchasing, consumers want to learn more about the product, so they begin to do their homework; “61% of global Internet users do their product research online.” (Ipsos, 2012) So, if an influential blogger has blogged/vlogged about you then this is going to leave your brand in high choice for consumer purchasing. Would you rather buy a product which a top blogger recommends or buy a product because the brand itself says it’s great? We will leave that one with you!




Not only is blogger outreach worthy of increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers, it also gives our friend SEO a helping hand! Most bloggers will link back to your site; the more influential blogs that feature your brand and give you high quality links, the better. This what Google LOVES, links that are relevant and are good quality, giving you a push to rise up Google rankings (but be careful, irrelevant and random links back to your site can have a devastating drawback, potentially penalising your site). As well as links, blogger outreach can give you high quality regular content which has become the backbone of good SEO.


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