What is DSMMCM1617?

The story behind #DSMMCM1617

Here is the story behind why our hypothetical agency, Digi Duck MCR hatched. As you have already probably seen, we have a theme throughout all of our posts on social media; the tag #DSMMCM1617. “What the duck is that?” I hear you ask!  Well here is what it is:

Unfortunately, it is nothing to do with Man Crush Mondays. It is something even more exciting in the digital marketing world. It is… drum roll please… Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 2016/17, hence why it has been abbreviated. An exciting unit in our final year of our Marketing Management course. The unit enables us to:

  • Create a digital & social media marketing strategy
  • Develop a digital and social media marketing programme and campaign
  • Evaluate and justify key, appropriate, digital and social media marketing levers for use in campaigns
  • Evaluate the success of digital and social media marketing campaigns

We gain valuable workplace skills from the unit that includes teamwork, professional development, communication, problem solving, planning, organising and self-management.

We have lectures and seminars every Tuesday so be expecting a write up on our blog of what we have learnt and achieved that week, so keep posted.

What we are assessed on:

We are working on a live brief meaning we get the opportunity to pitch to a real business in order to base our assignment on. We are creating a digital strategy for the business that could potentially be implemented.

Submission 1:
1 individual blog post on our blog that will detail the chosen organisation, PSO and digital/social media communications objectives.

Submission 2:
Produce 3 consecutive, linked blog posts on the market-opportunity analysis conducted, that creates an understanding of the communications opportunities available to the business.

Submission 3:
This individual submission will need to:

  • Formulate a digital and social media communications strategy
  • Produce an understanding of the components within a digital and social media communications strategy
  • Design the customer voyage
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your team’s blog site

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