What you SHOULD be doing on Social Media

Top 5 Do’s of Social Media Marketing


  • Be original: Always make your social media content fun, innovative and original. Your followers are following your accounts to see the same content as the rest of their feed, they want something that is going to catch their attention and draw them in! Show people how you are different to your competitors.

Original content

  • Have a personality: You want your followers to feel like there is a personality behind the brand. Try not to make everything about sales and statistics. As important as this is, people want to invest their time and money into something they can relate to not just facts and figures. Make sure there is excitement behind the posts going out onto peoples news feeds, don’t be boring!

Personality dsmmcm1617

  • Understand social media platforms: It’s very well signing your brand up to every social media platform that is out there, but it is important to make sure you understand each platform and their benefits. Do your research. Put together a strategy to help you understand who out of your target market is using which platform and why. Tailor your content.


  • Aware of behind the scenes: Pay attention to analytics. Find out when your followers are most active on social media and post your information during those time frames (Source; here). You don’t want to lose potential reach for a good post by posting it at a time your audience isn’t most active. Be wise.


  • Know your customers: Your social media pages should be tailored to your consumer base, not based on your own personal interests. Create relationships with your audience, if you see particular followers being loyal to your content, recognise this! Communicate to your customers, as you would want to be communicated to. Think about the content THEY would want to see, not just your own personal interests.

Social Media

Let us know your Dos of Social Media Marketing in the comments below!

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