OUR WORK – 2) Viability blog post



CHANNEL tick red-cross-clip-art-xzjtgc-clipart RISKS/ISSUES PRIORITY

Rank organically on the first page of Google with keyword milestone birthdays.

Higher Google ranking = more clicks and traffic Time-consuming; 3-4 months for results Google algorithm changes 1

Advertise the keyword ‘Milestone Birthdays’ using Google AdWords. Looking at the keyword planner tool, this keyword has low competition and has up to 1K searches per month.

Quick results

Highly measurable

Paid channel = expensive

Requires knowledge

Risk of losing money 2

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SEO is ideal for small businesses and organic results are 8.5x more likely to be clicked on that paid. Prioritising SEO will help Glendowen achieve the third DSMC objective quicker, focusing on the keyword ‘milestone birthdays.’  Even though PPC has immediate reach, it can be seen as a ‘gamble.’

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CHANNEL tick red-cross-clip-art-xzjtgc-clipart RISKS/ISSUES PRIORITY

In order to convert and sell more, Ann needs a transactional website.

Transactional website will help conversion and reach wider audience


SEO friendly

Can be complex Fraud 1
Blogger Outreach

Approach to market their products through the use of blogger reviews to get customers converting.

Influencers and trustworthy

Gives high quality links and content

Can be expensive Bloggers not wanting to work with Glendowen due to Google’s suggestions 2

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For conversion in the digital world, Glendowen needs a transaction website, thus making it priority. Ann’s main aim is to sell more and without a transactional website this isn’t possible. Magento arguably is the best platform to use with 23% market share; giving many advantages to Glendowen.

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CHANNEL tick red-cross-clip-art-xzjtgc-clipart RISKS/ISSUES PRIORITY

Run Facebook ads by creating a Custom Audience of people who have visited Glendowen’s website by using the Facebook pixel.


Most popular social media site with 1.19 billion users

Drive direct sales

Not guaranteed reach Existing customer may like the ad post but there’s no purchase intention with likes 1
Email Marketing

Use smart focus to send reminder emails focusing on advertising birthday gifts.

Increases engagement with existing customers


Costs of launching an email marketing campaign add up Some will construe any promotional email Glendowen may send as spam or unsubscribe 2

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Facebook is more ideal for small businesses and it has 1.19 billion users. Not only will the Facebook Pixel create custom audiences for retention, the website traffic data can also show adverts for things customers have shown interest in on Glendowen’s website, encouraging them to come back.

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Name ID Email
Hannah Magean 13115738 hannah.magean@stu.mmu.ac.uk
Katey Poutch 12085898 Katey.l.poutch@stu.mmu.ac.uk
Revina Sahota 13142256 Revina.sahota@stu.mmu.ac.uk
Emilia Gates 13132347 Emilia.gates@stu.mmu.ac.uk
Callum Ellerton 13119019 Callum.ellerton@stu.mmu.ac.uk

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