Infographic Help

Infographic help for DSMMCM1617 students

Seen as our last assignment is an infographic, we thought it would be useful to write a blog post on this area to help other students in #DSMMCM1617 who are probably thinking “What the hell is an infographic and where do I even start?”

Take it from us, you don’t need to be a fantastic designer or coder to create an infographic, to be quite honest they are so simple to create! [If you are wanting to create an infographic from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript than we suggest you read this blog post]

What is an infographic?
Before we go on, we best answer the question that is probably sitting in your head right now… WHAT IS AN INFOGRAPHIC? Well, you don’t need to look this up and quote it from an academic book or journal, it is as simple as a picture that has words in it… They help break down information and data in a visual and graphical manner. So, instead of having paragraphs and paragraphs of information (just like this blog post haha!), infographics will present information quickly and clearly.


Why will infographic creation help me after University?
Not only will you create an infographic for assignment 2, you will most likely create one, two and even three at work if you are wanting to get into digital marketing when you finish University…. SCARY! No, not scary at all. There is no doubt that digital marketers are maximising their efforts to use infographics in their campaigns as people are more attracted to visual elements. So, start getting your practise in now!


What templates to use for infographic creation?
There are so many templates out there and even new ones frequently being released to help us create awesome and easy infographics for our marketing efforts. As we are currently students it helps us out a lot when things are free, that’s why we have enjoyed doing a bit research finding the best free templates… Drum roll please… 1) Canva, 2) Piktochart, 3) Venngage, 4) and 5) Visme. At Digi Duck, we use Canva and encourage you to do too, however don’t let us stop you from using the others. Now here is a bit of advise, take a look at each template and work out what’s the best one for YOU and start practising, because after all, practise does make perfect!


Now handing it over to you… If you are still feeling unsure on what to do and would like us to create a video tutorial on how to create an infographic then please don’t be shy and give us a shout on either our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Examples of some of our infographic creation:



dsmmcm1617 assignment 1


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