DON’Ts of Social Media Marketing

Top 5 what NOT to do on Social Media



Not respond at all: It is important to always engage with your online audience. If you see negative posts or comments ensure you reply to them in a way that offers apologies, more information and contact details. It is worst to leave comments unaddressed to as this will leave consumers thinking the worst. Don’t ignore relevant comments. Use them as an opportunity to interact with your followers and show them how you address positive and negative situations (Source; here).

Share too much:
 Always be aware of what you’re sharing. Make sure all content is relevant to your brand in some shape or form, sharing too much unrelated content will lead your audiences to either want to unfollow you or leave them confused about what your brand is exactly about.

share-too-much #DSMMCM1617

 Once social media accounts have been set up, use them! Don’t neglect them and leave large periods of time within updating information or content. This will lead to consumers assuming you aren’t involved enough with your brand. If there is no relevant, up to date content on the correct social media platforms, there won’t be any interaction. Simply having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account isn’t enough.

Too much automation: As mentioned in a previous post, Top 5 Dos of Social Media, it is important to make sure your brand has a personality. Don’t become too automated, replies to queries and comments need to be genuine and not simply the same message copied and pasted to each response. The audience will see this and pick up on the lack of genuine content leading to distrust. “Humanize” your brand.

Show negativity: Make sure your social media platforms are a positive place. Don’t post and share negative content about your competitors. You want your audience to follow your brand for the right reasons, not because they feel you dislike a brand as much as them.


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