Cash me ousside, howbow dat?!

You know what we love at DigiDuck and just can’t get enough of…… MEMES! What did we do on social media before memes were a ‘thing’? What is it about them that we love? What is the future of memes? #DSMMCM1617

Believe it or not memes were around before the internet was even around. Maybe not in the context we see them now but the term ‘meme’ was created by Richard Dawkins in 1979, who used it to describe a unit for carrying cultural ideas be it fashion, technology, or ideology that self-replicated and spreads among the people. Similar to how genes carry genetic information from one generation to the next, they can become extinct or evolve with society. It actually became popular during World War II as graffiti on walls.

At its most basic, an Internet meme is simply the propagation of a digital file or hyperlink from one person to others using methods available through the Internet.

The content often consists of a saying or joke, a rumour, an altered or original image, a complete website, a video clip or animation, or an offbeat news story, among many other possibilities.

In simple terms, an Internet meme is an inside joke, that a large number of Internet users are in on. Internet memes have a tendency to evolve and spread extremely swiftly, sometimes going in and out of popularity in just a matter of days. They are spread organically, voluntarily, and peer to peer, rather than by compulsion, predetermined path, or completely automated means.

‘The more we understand about memes and their mutations, their origins, and how quickly these are accepted by other individuals, the more we will understand cultural trends that may have been previously considered bewilderingly anomalous.’

What does this mean for brands?

Memes encourage engagement, however, they can have a short lifespan so be wise as to what you use. You need to be aware of how popular a meme is and if it’s already cycled around the internet.

They are everywhere! There is probably a meme for everything, use it in the right way and you will be onto a winner. They are also very easy to make your own.

Memes are meant to be funny. If this isn’t what your brands about or if it is not something your audience will understand then probably best to stay away.

An example taken from The Drum, KFC Australia targeted the young at heart with a quirky new campaign to promote its new lunch deals. The campaign exploited the “Shut Up and Take My Money” meme, which deemed very successful.

Tell us what your favourite meme is and why on twitter. #DSMMCM1617

Meme Calendar so far this year:



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