Meet The Team



Hello! I’m Katey, I am the teams’ project manager. I am hardworking and love being stuck into things as I love a challenge. As a fourth year student, I have experience in a wide range of things including blogging, social media, events and networking. I love the digital world and how it is constantly evolving and growing, it fascinates me. Things I am absolutely quackers for is drake, skin care, food and prosecco!



Hey, I’m Hannah, a digital marketer at Ecomnova (check them out!) and a final year marketing management student at the fabulous MMU. You can call me the tech duck. I would describe myself as hard-working, motivated and committed, showing a real flair for digital marketing.  I can say I enjoy many aspects of digital marketing, including Magento (my fave), blogging, social media, SEO and working on partnership referrals. Secretly, I’d love to learn more on the development side of things and express my tech geekiness further. I am ducking mental about my adorable hamster Timmy, horseriding, Cumbria, Ainsley Harriot, The Apprentice, weightlifting and cider!



Hi I’m Callum a final year student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am a self-confessed binger of Netflix and lover of tea – only Yorkshire! That is not a sponsor but if Yorkshire Tea are reading this and have any ideas quack ahead. My role within the team involves editing blog posts (call me the quacking copywriter!) before they go live for all you ducks to see.



Hello! My name is Revina and I am currently a duckling studying at MMU. I have a keen interest in Digital and Social Media Communications and enjoy bringing creative ideas and plans to life within marketing. I swam through a year’s placement scheme at Schar where I thoroughly enjoyed putting this into practice. I love the variety that comes with marketing; I understand the importance of great communication within the digital and social media sector but enjoy the fun and versatile element also.



Hi, I’m Emilia but everyone calls me Milly. I am a final year chick who is eager to put her knowledge into practice. I believe I am a creative driven person with natural marketing instincts.  I was able to put my skills into practice on my placement year with Skipton Building Society where I developed a love for social media marketing and event planning. I mainly shake my feathers with Digi Duck focusing on social media communications and strategy.