The impact social media has on business

Take a read of the social media impacts…

Whether social media is part of your every day life or whether you have only downloaded Twitter yesterday to catch up with the latest happenings around the world, it is almost inevitable that it is changing the way businesses interact with their audiences. This blog post highlights 3 ways in which social media has an impact on business.


Social media is instant. You could experience first hand bad customer service at the most popular restaurant and share your views with the world whilst still being sat at the table. For a business, this sort of negative communication could be the catalyst as to whether they are a success or not. That one communication posted on Twitter could be the deciding factor for many followers as to whether or not they choose to invest their time into that company. As well as the negative this idea works for the good stuff too. Posting how great an event you’re attending whilst you’re there is great for business! It shows both the followers and the brand how much of an impact the experience made to an individual and encourages more people to become interested in what’s to offer.


It is essential for businesses to act on any sort of communication that is relevant to them via social media, positive or negative, as it shows consumers there is emotion and empathy behind the brand. A lot of consumers communicate with brands as they would their friends on social media. This allows brands to have a conversation at a more personal level that isn’t just focused on sales and numbers.



Social media has changed the way companies are able to share new and innovative ideas. People are able to see what brands have planned next just by following them on online platforms. Keeping the consumer in the loop about potential launches or creating hype around campaigns makes the audience feel connected and in touch with a brand therefore building up loyalty and value with them.




The access and ability social media gives a brand to grow in a short amount of time is incredible. It allows growth that in the business world would take years and years to build up. Structure including consistent, good quality and informative posts and communications is key for a brand to increase any amount of followers. The more likes, shares, followers a company gains, the higher the chances are to increase those web page rankings.



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